Traditional Handicraft Villages

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Traditional Handicraft Villages


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  • Traditional Handicraft Villages
  • Traditional Handicraft Villages
  • Traditional Handicraft Villages
  • Traditional Handicraft Villages
  • Traditional Handicraft Villages
  • Traditional Handicraft Villages

Vietnam is very well-known for its handicraft traditional villages from north to south. In the center of Hanoi, there is a handicraft village called Bat Trang. However, if you go outside of Hanoi, you'll see more different handicraft villages. For this tour, we are going to visit 3 of unknown traditional handicraft villages on the outskirt of Hanoi including: Trinh Luong flour making village, Thuong Mao carpentry village and Nhan Trach joss-paper making village. You'll experience many things that you have not seen on TV or magazines...

8.00 am: Our tour-guide and driver are going to pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to “ special pristine handicraft villages”. At 9.30 am: Arrive the villages, then we are strolling around the villages

+ Trinh Luong Rice flour making village: Situated in the west of Hanoi, the village is very well-known for making flour for many generations. It is used for making many kinds of cakes in northern Vietnam like “ Gio” cake, rice cake ( Banh Cuon)…We visit here and explore a traditional village of outskirt Hanoi. We are walking around the village and pass by small grocery stores,  see the bustle of the local then we pay a visit to the communal house. At communal house we show our respect to a village’s saint who taught the local to make rice flour. After that, we are going to visit a local family and know how to produce it.

 +Thuong Mao Carpentry village: Overcoming many years of making wood here, the village is very famous in northern Vietnam and has got many talented artisans working on furniture for houses across the country, from prominent buildings to architecture projects in the big cities. We visit the most crowned family and discover how they produce beautiful products.

+Nhan Trach joss-paper ( ghost money) making village: This village is very famous for making joss-paper in northern Vietnam. The entire villagers just focus on making it at home for hundreds of years. They specialize in providing it for big joss-paper stores in Hanoi and families which have got funerals. We are going to visit it and then you could practice how to make it.

12.00 – 13.00pm : Lunch time. 

At 14.00pm: We are going to visit Van Phuc silk village. Situated on the bank of Nhue River, about 10km southwest of Hanoi Old Quarter, Van Phuc silk village is renowned for its traditional weaving and premium quality silk products. At the age of more than 1,200 years, Van Phuc is proud to be the most ancient silk village which provides the best silk in Vietnam. Here, we will know more about the culture of silk village and see how to make silk from silkworm. 

At 16.30pm: You arrive your hotel and say goodbye to the tour-guide. 



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